"I worked with Dan Wren when I was a judge in Marion County before I retired in 2008. He did a great job for his clients. He was thoughtful, a good listener and compassionate. He will make a great judge and the county will be well served by having him join the Marion County Bench."

                         ~Hon. Terry Leggert - Marion County Circuit Court Judge (ret)

"Dan Wren has served the citizens of Marion County well as a referee and Judge Pro Tem for the Marion County Circuit Court.  He has the experience and the common sense that will make him an excellent addition to our Circuit Court." 

                         ~David Hilgemann

"I have known Dan since he first started practicing law.  He was always an excellent, hard working attorney/advocate known for zealously representing both his juvenile and adult clients.  I now appear before him regularly at the Circuit Circuit annex where, as a pro tem judge, he has earned my upmost respect.  He has all the attributes and the integrity that one hopes for in a judge.  He listens attentively to both sides while maintaining an even, if not calm, temperament and professional demeanor.  He is well versed in the law and he makes fair, sound and impartial rulings."

                         ~Linda J. Reynolds - Attorney

"Judge Wren is the right selection to fill our judicial vacancy here in Marion County. He is fair, listens to all parties, and litigants with patience before making decisions. Please support him."      

                         ~Leonard Williamson - Attorney

"I have known Dan for many years.  He was a good attorney and he's a good judge. For a person to be a good judge, there are at least three attributes that I think are essential. First, the judge must have good demeanor, which means he listens and is respectful. Second, he must have adequate insight into the legal arguments posed by each counsel and be able to sort through the 'wheat from the chaff.' And third, he must care about doing a good job.  Dan gets high marks for all three of these criteria. He would make a great judge."  

                         ~Mark Geiger - Attorney

"During his time on the Marion County Bench, Dan Wren has demonstrated daily that he has the temperment required of an outstanding Judge.  I have appeared before him many times and have been impressed by his thoughtful approach to complex legal cases.  I have known Dan Wren for many years, he is a man of Honor.  His integrity and experience distinguish him as the Candidate for this Judicial post."

                         ~D. Michael Fagan - Attorney

"Dan Wren has the honesty, integrity, diligence and common sense required to be an exceptional Judge."

                         ~Bradley Steinman - Attorney

"Known Dan for 30 years.  He cares about family values and is comitted to serving our community in a fair and just way." 

                         ~Leslie Zeigen

"Dan has excellent judicial experience to meet the needs of this position."  

                         ~Bob Zeigen

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